Frequently Asked Questions

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We often see dye bleed and chemically damaged fibers caused by inexperienced carpet cleaners attempting area rug cleaning in your home. The hot water and high pH pre-sprays used in professional wall-to-wall carpet cleaning are too damaging to be used on most area rugs.

Our rug cleaning workshop is a designated space with all the equipment necessary to safely and effectively clean and dry your rugs without damage or discoloration.

Prior to our arrival, small items and breakables should be removed from the area. We will move and replace most furniture, but large, antique, or extra heavy furniture pieces, like a piano, may need to be moved by professional movers prior to our arrival. Additional fees may apply.

Let us know if you wish to clean or replace your rug pad.

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Our pet urine decontamination process targets pet accidents at the source, treating the odor-causing bacteria that regular cleaning will leave behind. If our protocols are followed, we guarantee the results. *This process is not included as part of our regular washing package.

Exclusions to our Pet Odor Control Guarantee are in cases when we believe the damage to be too severe to treat effectively, or when the construction of an area rug does not allow for proper flushing of contaminants. We will discuss this with you.

While we can guarantee odor removal, we cannot guarantee removal of the actual pet urine stain. Often, the urine causes a permanent pH shift in the dyes associated with area rugs, and this is not reversible.

If you want to keep the fibers of your area rugs from premature wear, a synthetic fiber rug pad should be used. If you’d like to keep smaller area rugs from slipping out from under foot, a new rubberized rug pad is a very good idea. In addition, the right rug pad can even provide some noise suppression, creates a cushioned feel, and extends the life of your area rugs.

Call us today to find out the best type of rug pad to use for each of your area rugs.

Professionally applied fiber and/or stain protectors fill in any open dye-receptor sites on the fibers of your rug making it very difficult to permanently introduce a new dye (stain) to that site. The better formulas are safe for use on most fiber types – even those found in designer area rugs. They do not cause rapid soiling, dye bleed, discoloration, or texture change.

Our professional strength fiber protector gives a rug owner a window of time in which to remove a stain. It does not leave your rug stain-proof. If left alone, spills will eventually seep through the protector, possibly leaving a stain.

Re-apply fiber protector after each professional rug cleaning.

It’s often less expensive to repair a favorite area rug than to replace it. We’re happy to give a quote for any repair you ask about! If we feel that the cost of the repair is beyond the monetary value of the rug, we’ll let you know.

Keep in mind that a repair may still be somewhat visible. Our goal is to extend the life of your rugs by keeping any damage from becoming worse.

If you believe that your area rugs may have a moth problem, don’t hesitate to call us! We’ll come out quickly, remove the affected rugs, and inspect other textiles in your home before further damage occurs. Once the rugs have been removed for moth treatment and cleaning, it’s time to contact a pest control company to treat your home. When we have finished cleaning, we are happy to inspect the rugs and contact you with any necessary repair quote.

Once you have been notified that your area rugs are ready, we allow up to two weeks before you must accept delivery. Unfortunately, we are not able to keep them in storage for you here but will deliver them to your storage unit if it is within our service area.

If your rugs are going to be in storage long term, please talk to us about preventative moth treatments and wrapping.

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